Homophones for
cart, carte, kart, quart(e)

cart / carte / kart / quart(e)  [kɑrt]

cart – n. – 1. a strong vehicle with 2 or 4 wheels for carrying loads, driven by horse, ox, etc.; 2. a light vehicle for pushing or pulling by hand; 3. a light vehicle with 2 wheels for driving in, drawn by a single horse; 4. a vehicle for moving about a golf course; v. tr. – 1. conveying in or as in a cart; 2. informal – carry with difficulty or over a long distance

carte – n. – a large rectangular piece of paper often used for menus; adj. 1. a la carte; 2. carte blanche

kart – n. – a go “kart” – a small vehicle for racing

quart(e) – n. – 1. a fencer’s parry or guard position defending the upper inside left target; 2. a sequence of four playing cards of the same suit

Do Not Confuse With quart [kwart] – an English unit of volume equal to a quarter gallon