Homophones for cant, can’t, quinte

cant / can’t / quinte [kænt]

cant – adj., n. & v.  – adj. – 1. having beveled corners or sides; 2. inclined;  n. – 1. obsolete: corner, niche; 2. an external angle; 3. a log with one or more squared sides; 4. (a) an oblique or slanting surface; (b) inclination, slope; 5. affected singsong or whining speech; 6. a set or stock phrase; the expression or repetition of conventional or trite opinions or sentiments; especially; the insincere use of pious words; v. tr. – 1. to give an oblique edge to; bevel; 2. to set at an angle; tilt; intr. – 1. to pitch to one side; lean; 2. slope; 3. to talk or beg in a whining or singsong manner; 4. to talk hypocritically

can’t – v. contraction of cannot – 1. unable; 2. not allowed

quinte – n. – the fifth thrust or parry of the eight taught in fencing-schools