Homophones for can, cann, khan

can / cann / khan [kæn]

can – n. & v. – n. – 1. a metal vessel for liquid; 2. a metal container in which food or drink is hermetically sealed to enable storage over long periods; 3. a bin or other similar receptacle; 4. (prec. by the) (a) a prison; (b) N. Amer. a washroom or toilet; 5. N. Amer. the buttocks; v. tr. – 1. put or preserve in a can or jar; 2. N. Amer. informal (a) cease, end (b) remove; (c) fire, dismiss; 3. record on film or tape for future use; 4. aux. (a) be able to; know how to; (b) be potentially capable of; 2. be permitted to

cann – n. – a drinking cup esp. a bulbous mug

khan – n. – 1. a medieval sovereign of China and ruler over the Turkish, Tatar, and Mongol tribes; 2. a local chieftain or man of rank in some countries of central Asia; 3. Arabic a caravansary or rest house in some Asian countries