Homophones for calf, calve, kaph

calf / calve / kaph [kæf]

calf – n. – 1. the young of a cattlebeast, elephant, whale, seal etc.; 2. a piece of ice from an iceberg; 3. the muscles at the back of the leg between the knee and the heel.

calve – v. – 1. to give birth to a cattlebeast etc.; 2. for ice to separate from a glacier forming an iceberg; 3. to fall especially from the ground being undermined. (although this is usually pronounced with a [v] sound, sometimes the [v] is aspirated [hv] which may result in a shift from the [v] to an [f] sound because of a change in voice.)

kaph – n. – 1. the 11th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, ך; 2. a similar letter in another Semitic language