Homophones for
caama, cama, comma, kaama, kama

caama / cama / comma / kaama / kama  [ˈkɑmə]

caama – n. –1. a South African fox, Vulpes chama. It has black or silver gray fur with flanks and underside in light yellow. The tip of its tail is always black. The Cape Fox tends to be 45 to 61 cm long, not including a 30 to 40 cm tail. It is 28 to 33 cm tall at the shoulder, and usually weighs from 3.6 to 5 kg; 2. A large South African antelope (Alcelaphus caama) – red hartebeest

cama – n. a bed roll, such as is used in camping.

comma – n. – 1. a punctuation mark indicating a pause; 2. anything with this shape or marking

kaama – n. – hartebeest, various large reddish-brown African antelopes of the genus Alcelaphus.

kama – n. – 1. in Hinduism, enjoyment of the world of senses; 2. in Buddhism, the human principle of desire