Homophones for but, butt

but / butt  [bʌt]

but – conj. – 1. nevertheless, however, on the other hand, on the contrary, etc.; prep. – except, apart from, other than; adv. – 1. only, no more than, only just; 2. introducing emphatic repetition, definitely; rel. pron. – who not, that not; n. – an objection; v. tr. – do not raise objections; n. Scot. – an outer room, esp. of a cottage with 2 rooms

butt – n. & v. – n. – 1. a push or blow made with head or horns; 2. a simple joint in which 2 pieces of wood are bounded without overlapping; 3. an object of ridicule; 4. a mound behind a target to stop stray bullets; 5. a blind used in hunting; 6. the thicker end, esp. of a tool or weapon; 7. N. Amer. – a cut of pork from the shoulder; 8. the stub of a cigar or cigarette; 9. N. Amer informal – the buttocks; 10. the trunk of a tree, esp. the part just above the ground; 11. a large cask for wine or ale; 12. a former unit of measure equal to 2 hogsheads; v. – 1. intr. – push or strike with head or horns; 2. intr. – project, jut; 3. lie or place with one end flat against, meet end to end with – abut; 4. tr. – N. Amer. with “out” – extinguish (a cigarette); 4. stop smoking