Homophones for brede, breed, bride

brede / breed / bride  [bri:d]

brede – n. – 1. embroidery; 2. a braiding of interwoven colours

breed – v. tr. & intr. – 1. bear or generate offspring; 2. propagate or cause to propagate: raise (livestock); 3. tr. – yield, produce result in; 4. intr. – arise, spread; 5. tr. – bring up, train; 6. tr. – physics – create fissile material by nuclear reaction; n. – 1. a stock of animals or plants within a species, having a similar appearance, and usually developed by deliberate selection; 2. a race, lineage; 3. a sort, a kind

bride – n. – a small loop or tie that resembles a tear, consists of one or more threads that is used to connect the various parts of a lace pattern;

Do Not Confuse With bride [braid] a woman about to be married, or newly married