Homophones for breach, breech

breach / breech  [bri:tʃ]

breach – n. – 1. often foll. by “of” – the breaking of or failure to observe a law, contract, regulation, procedure, etc.; 2. a breaking of relations, an estrangement – quarrel; 3. a broken state, gap, esp. one made by artillery in fortifications; v. tr. – 1. break through – make a gap; 2. break a law, etc.; 3. intr. – (of a whale) leap clear out of the water

breech – n. – 1. the part of a cannon behind the bore; 2. the back part of a rifle or gun barrel; 3. attrib. – designating a birth in which the baby presents in the birth canal with the buttocks or feet foremost; 4. archaic – the buttocks; v. tr. archaic – put a boy into breeches (trousers) after being in petticoats since birth