Homophones for brake(s), break(s)

brake(s) / break(s)  [brɛik]

brake – n. – 1. (often in pl.) a device for stopping the motion of a mechanism, esp. a wheel or vehicle, or keeping it at rest; 2. anything that has the effect of hindering or impeding; 3. a toothed instrument used for crushing flax & hemp; 4. a heavy kind of harrow for breaking up large lumps of earth; 5. a thicket, brushwood; v. intr. – 1. apply a brake; come to a stop upon application of a brake; 2. tr. – retard or stop with a brake; 3. crush (flax or hemp) by beating it;

break – v. tr. & intr. & n. – v. – 1. separate into pieces under a blow or strain; shatter, fracture; 2. make inoperative; 3. cause an interruption; 4. surpass a record; 5. to train a wild horse; n. – 1. an act or instance of breaking; 2. an interval or interruption; 3. a sudden dash; 4. an instance of luck; 5. a carriage frame without a body for breaking in young horses