Homophones for
braise, brays, braze, braes, breys, brys

braise / brays / braze / braes / breys / brys  [brɛiz]

braise – v. tr. – fry lightly and then stew slowly with a little liquid in a closed container

brays – v. intr. – 3rd pers. sing. of bray – to sound like a donkey or similar animal

braze – v. tr. – 1. solder with an alloy of copper and zinc at a high temperature; 2. make of brass; cover or ornament with brass; 3. to make hard like brass; n. – 1. a brazed joint; 2. the alloy used for brazing

braes – n. pl. of brae – a steep bank or hillside

breys – 3rd sing. pres. of brey – to soften leather; n.pl. – 1. barnacles; 2. tools used by farriers; 3. bits used to restrain horses

brys – n. – buttermilk paps usually made with barley and eaten with sugar and syrup