Homophones for brail, braille, brale

brail / braille / brale  [brɛil]

brail – n. – 1. a rope that is fastened to the leech of a sail and run through a block and by which the sail can be hauled up or hauled in preparation to furling or in place of furling; 2. the feathers of a hawk’s rump usu. used in pl.; 3. a thong of soft leather to restrain a hawk’s wing; 4. a pipe or rod with many hooks attached that is drawn over a clam bed in harvesting clams; v. tr. – 1. to take in a sail by the braids; 2. to restrain a hawk with a brail; 3. to hoist fish with a dip net

braille – n. – 1. a system of writing for the blind that uses characters made up of raised dots in a 6-dot cell arranged in 2 vertical columns (after Louis Braille, inventor, 1809-52); 2. a system that resembles this; v. tr. – to transcribe or write in braille

brale – n. – a brand of conoidal diamond or diamond-pointed tool, having convexly curved sides meeting at an angle of 120°, used as an indenter in testing the hardness of metals.