Homophones for bough, bow

bough / bow  [bɑʊ]

bough – n. – 1. a branch of a tree, esp. a main one; 2. the shoulder of an animal

bow – v. intr. – 1. incline the head or upper body esp. in greeting, reverence, assent or acknowledgement of applause; 2. submit; 3. tr. – cause to incline; 4. express thanks by bending; 5. usher or escort; n. – 1. an inclining of the head or body in greeting, assent, or in acknowledgement of applause; 2. naut. – the front end of a ship or boat

Do Not Confuse With bow [boʊ/bo:] – n. – 1. (a) the doubling of a string in a slip-knot; a single-looped knot; so bow-knot. (b) a double-looped ornamental knot into which ribbons, etc., are tied (the usual sense). (c) a necktie, ribbon, etc., tied up in such a knot; 2. the appliance with which instruments of the violin class are played, being a rod of elastic wood with a number of horse-hairs stretched from end to end, which is drawn across the strings, and causes them to sound; 3. a weapon for shooting arrows or similar missiles, consisting of a strip of elastic wood or other material, bent by means of a string stretched between its two ends