Homophones for
borough, buro, burro, burrow, burru

borough / buro / burro / burrow / burru [ˈbʌrəʊ]

borough – n. 1. fortress, castle; 2. a town especially one that is incorporated

buro – n. - a Phillippine fish dish served with boiled rice, salt and seasonings

burro – n. – a small donkey used as a pack animal

burrow – n. – 1. a hole or tunnel dug by a small animal as a dwelling; v. tr. & intr. – 1. to make or live in a burrow; 2. dig a hole; 3. hide oneself; 4. investigate, search

burru - n. - A kind of vigorous, popular, and sometimes indecent, dance; the music, esp. drumming, used to accompany this