Homophones for bool, boule, buhl (boulle)

bool / boule / buhl (boulle)  [bʊ:l]

bool – n. – 1. Brit. – any of various objects with a curve or bend (as a semi-circular handle, the bow of a key or scissors; 2. Brit. – a wooden hoop forming parts of a framework of a basket; a hoop for rolling; 3. a child’s marble

boule – n. –1. a French form of lawn bowling played on rough ground with usu. metal balls; 2. one of these metal balls; 3. A legislative council of ancient Greece

buhl (boulle) – n. – 1. brass, tortoise-shell, or other material, worked into ornamental patterns for inlaying; 2. work inlaid in this way (from A.C. Boulle, French woodcarver – d. 1732)