Homophones for bonnes, bunds, buns

bonnes / bunds / buns  [bʌnz]

bonnes – n. pl. of bonne – a French maidservant

bunds – n. – 1. an embankment used esp. in India to control the flow of water, as on a river or irrigated land; 2. an embanked thoroughfare along a river or the sea, esp. in the Far East; 3. federation, league, confederacy, association, esp. a politically oriented association of people; v. tr. – to construct an embank, to control flowing water

buns – n. pl. of bun – 1. N. Amer. – a small unsweetened bread roll; 2. a small sweetened roll or cake, often with dried fruit; 3. hair worn in a tight coil at the back of the head; 4. N. Amer. informal – the buttocks