Homophones for
bold, bowled, boled, bolled

bold / bowled / boled / bolled  [bəʊld]

bold – adj. – 1. confidently assertive, adventurous, courageous; 2. forthright, imprudent; 3. vivid, distinct, well-marked; 4. in type setting – characters that are thicker than normal at the same size; v. tr. – set in bold type

bowled – v. past. – 1. to have played a game of bowling; 2. to have moved rapidly along a road

boled – adj. – characterized by or having a bole – type of trunk

bolled – adj. – producing or having bolls (pods or capsules of a plant, esp. flax, cotton, a pericarp of a globular form; v. tr. – to strip balls from cotton, etc.