Homophones for bokeh, bouquet

bokeh bouquet /bʊˈkeɪ/

bokeh, n. Photography. Blurring or hazing in the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image; this as an artistic or visual effect, esp. as rendered by a particular lens

bouquet, n. 1. A bunch of flowers, a nosegay; also figurative., 2. figurative. A compliment, praise; to throw bouquets: to pay compliments., 3. The perfume exhaled from wine., 4. A bunch of flavouring herbs. Also bouquet garni n. [French, ‘garnished bouquet’] (see quots.)., 5. . A large flight of rockets, as the close of a firework display., 6. The flight of a multitude of pheasants breaking covert from the central point at which the beaters meet; this central spot itself