Homophones for boarder, border, bordar

boarder / border / bordar  [ˈbɔrdɜr]

boarder – n. – 1. a person who boards, esp. a lodger or a pupil at a boarding school; 2. a person who boards a ship, esp. an enemy

bordar – n. – a feudal tenant holding a cottage and usu. a few acres of land at the will of his lord and bound to menial service

border – n. – 1. the edge or boundary of anything or part near it; 2. the line separating 2 political or geographic areas, esp. countries; 3. a distinct edging around anything; 4. a narrow bed of flowers; v. tr. 1. be a border to; 2. provide with border; 3. intr. – be situated beside; adjoin