Homophones for boar, bore

boar / bore  [bɔr]

boar – n. – 1. (in full, wild boar) a tusked wild pig of Eurasia and Africa, Sus scrofa, from which domestic pigs are descended; 2. an uncastrated male pig; 3. its flesh; 4. a male guinea pig

bore – n. & v. -  n. 1. the hollow of a firearm or cylinder in an internal combustion engine; 2. the diameter of this, caliber; 3. borehole; 4. a tiresome, dull person; 5. a high wave caused by rapidly rising tide entering a narrow inlet; v. tr. – 1. make a hole in, esp. with a revolving tool; 2. cause to lose interest by tedious talk, dullness; v. intr. – past tense of bear – to carry (etc.)