Homophones for blew, blue

blew / blue  [blu:]

blew – v. intr. – 1. of the wind or air, or impersonally, act as an air current; 2. sound or be sounded by blowing, i.e. whistle, trumpet

blue – adj. – 1. having a colour between green and violet in the spectrum; 2. sad, depressed; 3. with cyanotic skin through cold, fear, anger or cyanosis; 4. other forms of blue colouring; 5. indecent, pornographic; n. – 1. a blue colour or pigment for clothes, fabric or paper; 2. supporter of the conservative party; 3. any blue-coloured butterfly of the family Hycoenidae; v. tr. – 1. make blue; 2. treat laundry with bluing