Homophones for blays, blaze

blays / blaze  [bleiz]

blays – n. – bleak – a small European cyprinid river fish, Alburnus lucidus, having silvery pigment lining its scales that is used for artificial pearls

blaze – n. – 1. a bright flame or fire; 2. a bright glaring light; 3. a glow of colour; 4. a brilliant display; 5. a violent outburst; v. intr. – 1. burn with a bright flame; 2. be brilliantly lit; 3. be consumed with emotion i.e. anger, excitement; 4. a white mark on an animal’s face or tree; v. tr. – 1. to mark a route by chipping bark; 2. be the 1st to do something – a pioneer; 3. proclaim as with a trumpet