Homophones for bighting, biting

bighting / biting  [ˈbaitɪŋ]

bighting – pres. part. v.tr. – 1. to arrange, lay or fasten in bights (a curve or loop of rope); 2. to fasten with a bight of rope

biting – pres. part. of bite v. tr. – 1. to cut or puncture using the teeth; 2. foll. by off, away, etc. – detach with the teeth; 3. wound with stings, fangs, etc.; 4. tr. Passive – take in, swindle; 5. v. intr. – of a wheel screw, etc. – grip, penetrate; 6. to be taken in by a deception; 7. have a (desired) adverse effect; 8. foll. by “at” – snap at; 9. N. Amer. slang be extremely bad or unpleasant