Homophones for bight, bite, byte

bight / bite / byte  [bait]

bight – n. – 1. a curve or recess in a coastline, river, etc.; 2. a loop of rope

bite – n. – 1. an act of cutting or wounding with the teeth; 2. a wound or sore made by teeth action; 3. a mouthful of food; a light snack; 4. the taking of bait by a fish; 5. pungency (esp. of flavour); 6. incisiveness, sharpness; 7. a pithy quotation or excerpt (“sound bite”); 8. a portion exacted; 9. occlusion (of teeth); v. tr. – use teeth to cut into something

byte – n. computing – a group of usu. 8 binary digits, often used to represent one character