Homophones for
beurre, birr, brr, buhr, bur(r)

beurre / birr / brr / buhr/ bur(r)  [bɜr]

beurre – adj. – buttery; associated with butter

birr – n. – the chief monetary unit of Ethiopia, divided into 100 cents; 2. a strong wind, especially one that carries a vessel on water; 3. the force of wind or a momentum impetus; to gather impetus; rush; 4. a whirring sound

brr – interj. – expressing shivering or cold, or a similar sound

buhr– n. - a projection resembling a tooth on a millstone

bur(r) – n. – a prickly envelope of some fruits and plants, i.e., burdock, genus Arctium, Galiums, Xanthium, Caucalis, Quercus; 2. a swirled pattern in the grain of wood; 3. a whirring sound; 4. the rounded knob forming the base of a deer’s horn; v. tr. – 1. pronounce with a brr; 2. intr. – speak indistinctly; 3. make a whirring sound