Homophones for bel, bell, belle

bel / bell / belle  [bɛl]

bel – n. – a unit used in comparison of power levels in electrical communication or intensities of sound corresponding to an intensity ratio of 10 dbl (compare decibel)

bell – n. – 1. a hollow, deep upturned cup made to sound a clear musical note when struck; 2. a sound or stroke of a; 3. naut. – preceded by numeral – the time as indicated every ½ hour of a watch by the striking of the ship’s bell, one to 8 times; 4. a bell-shaped object or part; 5. Cdn. – the dangling appendage under a moose’s neck; v. intr. – to sound like a stag or buck during rutting season; v. tr. - 1. to provide with a bell; attach a bell to; 2. foll. by “out” – form into the shape of the lip of a bell

belle – n. – a beautiful woman; 2. a woman recognized as the most beautiful