Homophones for beeheaded, beheaded

beeheaded / beheaded  [biˈhɛdəd]

beeheaded – adj. – eccentric, crazy

beheaded – past part. and tense of behead – to cut off the head (of a person), esp. as a form of execution; decapitate



It was reported not long since that a man could not, without heavy fines, place a sign exclusively in English on his Storefront; he must have it in French as well, and deal with all sorts of beeheaded regulations involving the size of type, etc.

~ Why America Should Conquer Canada (1999) – Joel Dueck


Anon the altars ran the Phrygian blood, and the desolation reigned o’er every bed where young men lay beheaded.

~ The Tojan Women (ca. 415 BC) – Euripides (ca. 480-406BC) translator unknown