Homophones for bedder, better, bettor

bedder / better / bettor  [ˈbɛdər]

bedder – n. – a bedding plant; a plant esp. an annual suitable for a garden bed, usu. for ornamental purposes

better – adj. – comparative of good – of more excellent quality or outstanding or desirable kind; 2. partly or fully recovered from illness; adv. – comparative of well – 1. in a better manner; 2. to a greater degree; 3. more usefully or advantageously; n. – 1. that which is better; 2. one’s superior in ability or rank; v. tr. – 1. to improve on, surpass; 2. make better, improve; 3. refl. – improve one’s position, etc. 4. intr. – become better, improve

bettor – n. – one who places bets or wagers