Homophones for beau, bow, bo

beau / bow / bo  [bəʊ]

beau – n. – 1. N. Amer. (dated or jocular): an admirer, a boyfriend; 2. hist. – a fop, a dandy

bo – n. – 1. an Indian fig tree, Ficus religiosa, regarded as sacred by the Buddhists, also called peepul, papal; 2. slang for hobo; 2. slang for fellow, buddy

bow – n.& v. – n. – 1. a slip knot with a double loop; 2. a device for shooting arrows with a taut string joining the ends of a curved piece of wood, etc.; 3. a rod with horsehair stretched along its length used for playing the violin, cello, etc.; 4. a shallow curve or bend; 5. a metal ring forming the handle of scissors, etc.; 6. N. Amer. – the frame or temple of a pair of glasses; 7. archer; 8. saddle-bow; v. tr. & intr. – 1. tr. – use a bow on a violin, etc.; 2. intr. – curve outward like a bow

Do Not Confuse With bow [baʊ] incline, etc. (v. tr.)