Homophones for beat, beet

beat / beet  [bi:t]

beat – v. tr. 1. strike persistently or repeatedly esp. to harm or punish; 2. overcome, surpass, win a victory over; 3. mix or stir vigorously; 4. fashion or shape by blows; 5. indicate a tempo, etc., by tapping; 6. to make (a path, etc.) by trampling; 7. to strike (bushes, etc.) to rouse game; v. intr. 1. pound or knock repeatedly (i.e. waves); 2. pulsate rhythmically; 3. Cdn. NFLD – migrate; 4. naut. – sail in direction from which the wind is blowing; n. – 1. a main accent or rhythmic unit in music or verse; 2. a stroke or blow, e.g. on a drum; adj. – 1. informal – exhausted, tired; 2. of the beat generation or its philosophy (c. 1950-60)

beet – n. – any plant of the genus Beta, esp. B. vulgaris having an edible, dark red root used as a vegetable