Homophones for beast, beest

beast / beest  [bi:st]

beast – n. – 1. an animal other than a human being, esp. a wild quadruped; 2. a brutal person; 3. informal – an objectionable or unpleasant person or thing; 4. (prec. by “the”) a human being’s brutish or uncivilized characteristics

beest – n. – colostrums, esp. the colostrums given by a cow after calving: the yellowish fluid secreted from the mammary glands in the first few days after giving birth, rich in protein and antibiotics



Drink was beginning to affect the man’s brain. One night he came home crazy drunk…angered at his pet’s fear, the man struck the frightened beast with his pen knife. The blow blinded one of the cat’s eyes…

~The Black Cat (1845) – Edgar Allan Poe


The fat content is lower than in regular cow’s milk, but the protein content is much higher. In cooking terms that means the when heated beest will coagulate to a crème caramel consistency – without any addition of eggs.

~Langbaken Beest and Beasts: Soap and Culinary Explorations in the Karoo (2019) – Clara Lindberg