Homophones for beader, beater

beader / beater  [bi:dər]

beader – n. – 1. a tool or machine for making a bead as about the end of a boiler tube); beading planes; 2. a worker who attaches beads or finishes with beading; 3. one who sews together pieces of leather or fabric on a machine which sews with a zigzag stitch; one who machine sews around collar neck bands to make the seam between collar and neck band flat; one who sews beads by hand onto dresses and other articles of theatrical wardrobes

beater – n. – 1. an implement used for beating (esp. eggs, a drum, etc.); 2. N. Amer. informal – an old or dilapidated vehicle; 3. a person who beats metal; 4. Cdn. NFLD – a young harp seal~ 3-4 weeks old; 5. a person employed to rouse game for shooting