Homophones for bead, bede

bead / bede  [bi:d]

bead – n. – 1. a small usually rounded and perorated piece of glass stone, etc. or something resembling one; 2. a drop of liquid, a bubble; 3. a small knob in the foresight of a gun; 4. the inner edge of a pneumatic tire that grips the rim of the wheel; 5. Archit. – a moulding like a series of beads; v. tr. – 1. furnish or decorate with beads; 2. string together; 3. v. intr. - form or grow into beads

bede – n. – 1. command, bidding; 2. a miner’s pickaxe; 3. the Venerable Bede (673-735 A.D.) Feast Day – May 27th; 4. someone devoted to prayer