Homophones for be, bea, bee

be / bea / bee  [bi:]

be – v. & v. aux. – 1. v. intr. – exist, live; 2. occur, take place; 3. remain, continue; 4. linking subject and predicate expressing identity; v. aux. – 1. with past part. to form the passive mood; 2. with a present part. to form continuous tenses; 3. with an infinitive to express duty or commitment, intention, possibility, destiny or hypothesis; 4. archaic – with past part. of intransitive verb to form perfect tenses

bea – n. & v. – n. sometimes used as a short form of Beatrice;  bleating of sheep, an alternative to baa

bee – n. – 1. a stinging hymenopterous insect of the genus Apoidea, which collects nectar and pollen, produces wax and honey and lives in large communities; 2. a related insect of the family Apoidea, either social or solitary; 2. esp. N. Amer. – a social gathering at which communal work is performed; 3. a competition, i.e., spelling bee in which competitors take turns answering questions and are eliminated if their answers are incorrect