Homophones for bawdy, body

bawdy / body  [ˈbɔdi]

bawdy – adj. – indecent; n. – immoral, or indecent talk or writing

body – n. – 1. the physical structure, including the bones, flesh and organs of a person or animal whether dead or alive; the torso apart from the head and the limbs; a corpse; 2. the main or central part of a thing; the bulk, majority, aggregate; 3. a group of persons regarded collectively, esp. as having a corporate function, usu. foll. by “of” – a collection; 4. a quantity of water; 5. a piece of matter, mass; 6. informal – a person; 7. a full or substantial quality of flavour, tone, etc.; an appearance of fullness; v. tr. – give body or substance to