Homophones for basin, bason

basin / bason  [ˈbeisən]

basin – n. – 1. a wide shallow open container esp. for holding water; 2. any sheltered area of water where boats can moor safely; 5. a round valley; 6. an area drained by rivers and tributaries; 7. Geol. – a rock formation where the strata dip towards the centre – an accumulation of rock strata formed in this dip as a result of subsidence and sedimentation

bason – n. – 1. var. of basin, now used chiefly in the Church of England; 2. in hat-making, a bench with a plate of iron or stone flag fitted in it and a little fire underneath on which the first (step) part of the felting process was performed (before introduction of machinery); v. tr. – to harden the felt on a bason in hat-making