Homophones for base, bass

base / bass  [beis]

base – n. – 1. a part that supports from beneath or serves as a foundation for an object or a structure or entity on which something draws or depends; 2. a principle or starting point, a basis; v. tr. – 1. usually followed by “on”, “upon” – found or establish; 2. followed by “at”, “in” etc., - to station

bass – n. – 1. the lowest adult male singing voice – a singer or part written for this voice; 2. the lowest part in harmonized music; 3. an instrument that is the lowest in pitch in its family, or its player; adj. – 1. lowest in musical pitch; 2. deep-sounding, grave, low pitch.

Do Not Confuse With bass [bæs] n. – either the fish or the tree