Homophones for bas, bus, buss

bas / bus / buss  [bʌs]

bas – interj. – 1. stop, no more; 2. enough; Note: often duplicated for emphasis

bus – n. – 1. a large motor vehicle designed to carry several passengers; 2. a car or airplane functioning like a bus; 3. computing – a defined set of conductors carrying data and control signals within a computer; 4. elect. – a system of conductors in a generating or receiving station on which power is concentrated for distribution; v. tr. – 1. go by bus; 2. transport by bus; 3. carry or remove dishes in a cafeteria, restaurant, etc.

buss – n. – 1. a kiss; 2. a rugged, square-shaped fishing boat; v. tr. – to kiss



“Stop Swara…bas bas” said Pari controlling her sister’s happiness!!

~Dil Mil Gaye (2017) - Prachithaman


It said that the bodies and survivors were pulled out of the bus and the injured rushed to hospitals in the regional capital of Lhasa.

~44 dead after tour bus falls off Tibet cliff (2014) - Associated Press writer


Each town will be read a proclamation and will buss the flag with their own colours.

~Riding through history: The Borderers’ Return (2013) – no author given –  - Peeblesshire News