Homophones for barry, berry, bury

barry / berry / bury  [bɛri]

barry – adj. heraldry – divided into an even number of horizontal bars of 2 tinctures arranged alternately

berry – n. – 1. any small roundish fruit without a stone; 2. botany – a fruit with its seeds enclosed in pulp, e.g., grapes, gooseberries, tomatoes, raspberries, blueberries; 3. any of various kernels or seeds, esp. of wheat, etc.; 4. an egg of a fish or lobster; 5. slang the penis

bury – v. tr. – 1. place a dead body) in the earth, in a tomb, or in the sea, a large lake, etc.; 2. lose by death; 3. put underground, hide, cover up, submerge; 4. put out of sight (a thing, idea, evidence, etc.); 5. involve deeply