Homophones for
barrier, berrier, burier, burrier

barrier / berrier / burier / burrier [ˈbɛriər]

barrier – n. – a fence or other obstacle that bars advance or access; 2. an obstacle or circumstance that keeps people or things apart or prevents communication; 3. an exposed sandbar that parallels a coast as on the north shore of Prince Edward Island; 6. informal – sound barrier

berrier – adj. & n. –adj. – comparative of berry, giving a more intense flavour or colour of a berry; n. - 1. a thresher, a barnman; 2. a person who picks small, pulpy, edible fruit

burier – n. – one that buries especially one who commits a human corpse to the ground. This can refer to either or both the grave digger or the one who officiates at a funeral

burrier – not in oed - adj. – 1. abounding or containing burrs (esp. wool); 2. like a burr, prickly; 3. of speech, characterized by a burr