Homophones for barrel, beryl

barrel / beryl  [ˈbɛrɪl]

barrel – n. & v. – n. – 1. a cylindrical container made of wooden staves with metal hoops around them or a similar plastic or metal container; 2. the contents of this; 3. a measure of capacity, usually varying from 30 to 40 imperial gallons (136-182 litres); 4. a unit of capacity for oil and petroleum products equal to 35 imperial gallons (≈159 litres); 5. the cylindrical body of an object, e.g., a pump, pen, etc.; 6. the metal tube of a gun, through which the shot is discharged; v. tr. – 1. put into a such containers; 2. N. Amer. informal – move quickly

beryl – n. – a kind of transparent precious stone, esp. pale green blue or yellow, and consisting of beryllium aluminum silicate in a hexagonal form; 2. a mineral species which includes this, emerald and aquamarine