Homophones for baric, barrack

baric / barrack  [ˈbɛrək]

baric – adj. – of or relating to barium; 2. Of or pertaining to weight, esp. that of the air as indicated by the barometer

barrack – n. – 1. a building or building complex used to house soldiers; 2. Cdn. – a building housing a local detachment of the RCMP; 3. any building used to accommodate large numbers of people; 4. a large building with a bleak or plain appearance; 5. Cdn. Maritimes – a structure consisting of four posts and an adjustable roof which protects hay, etc., from rain or snow; v. tr. – to place in barracks; 2. Brit., Aust., NZ, shout or cheer at players, etc.