Homophones for bare, bear, ber

bare / bear / ber  [bɛr]

bare – adj. & v. -  adj. – 1. (esp. of part of the body) unclothed or uncovered; 2. without appropriate coverings or content; 3. (of a tree) leafless; 4. N. Amer. – clear of snow and ice (esp. roads); 5. undisguised; 6. scanty, mere; v. tr. – 1. uncover, unsheathe; 2. reveal

bear – adj., n. & v. –adj. – Stock Exch. – selling of stock outnumbering, buying usually producing a drop in the Exchange index over several days or weeks; n. - 1. any large, heavy mammal of the family Ursidae having thick fur and walking on its soles; 2. a rough, unmannerly or uncouth person; 3. Stock Exch. – a person who sells shares hoping to buy them back later at a lower price; v. tr. –1. carry, bring, take; 2. show, have as an attribute or characteristic; 3. produce yield, give birth; 4. sustain, stand, endure difficulty; 5. tr. – tolerate; 6. admit of, be fit for; 7. bring or provide; 8. refl. – behave in a certain way

ber – n. – a fruit tree, genus Zizyphus, grown in south Asia