Homophones for bard, barred, byard

bard / barred  byard [bard]

bard – n. – 1. a Celtic minstrel; 2. the winner of a prize for Welsh verse; 3. an Eisteddfod; 4. literary – a poet, esp. on treating heroic themes; 5. a slice of fat, e.g. salt pork or bacon, placed on meat or game before roasting; v. tr. – cover (meat, etc.) with strips of fat

barred – adj. & v. tr. – adj. – opening with bars across; v. simple past and past part. of bar – 1. fasten a door, window, etc., with a bar or bars; 2. usually followed by “in” or “out” – shut or keep; 3. obstruct, prevent; 4. prohibit, exclude; 5. mark with stripes; 6. law – prevent or delay an action by legal obstacle

byard – n. – 1. a band of leather crossing the breast, used by men for dragging wagons in coal-mines; 2. slang an extremely tired person who is having a hard time doing anything, even talking because they're so tired