Homophones for
bans, bawns, bonze, bonds

bans / bawns / bonze / bonds  / bons [bɒnz/bãnz]

bans – n. – applauses, cheering, cries

Do Not Confuse With bans – n.pl. of bans [bæns} – 1. prohibitions; 2. curses

bawns – n. pl. of bawn – 1. Cdn. NFLD – a meadow near a house, etc.; 2. a stretch of rocks on which salted cod are spread for drying; 3. Ireland, a patch of level grass

bonze – n. – a Japanese or Chinese Buddhist priest

bonds – n. pl. of bond and 3rd pres. sing. – 1. a thing that ties another down or together; a uniting force; a restraint; 2. a binding agreement; 3. a certificate issued by government or public company promising to repay borrowed money at a fixed rate of interest at a specified time; v. tr. – 1. to bind together; 2. adhere, hold together; 3. overlapping bricks

bons – n.pl. of bon – oed - /bɒn/ - 1. Buddhist festival of the dead, Lantern Festival; 2. an Eastern religion related to Buddhism and Janism originating from Tibet; 3. small candies or lozenges made primarily from sugar and sometimes extracts, usually written with ‘bon’ in front, ‘bon bons’