Homophones for band, banned

band / banned [bænd]

band – n. – 1. flat, thin strip or loop of material; 2. a stripe of a different colour or material on an object; 3. any long and narrow strip or grouping; 4. an organized group of people having a common objective; v. tr. – 1. to attach a strip of material i.e. an I.D. band in; 3. form into a group for a purpose i.e. playing music

banned – v. tr. simple and past part. – prohibit, forbid, esp. formally



As the church is destitute of an organ, he has formed a band from the village amateurs…

~ Christmas Day (1820) – Washington Irving (1783-1859)


It is especially imperative that capitation contracts requiring doctors to pay for patient-specialized care out of their own pockets be banned.

~ Forced Exit (1997) – Wesley J. Smith