Homophones for banc, bank

banc / bank [bæŋk]

banc – adv. Law – of a court, sitting with several judges presiding; literally – at the bench; in banc – with full judicial authority, compare nisi prius

bank – n. – 1. a slope or raised shelf of ground; 2. the area of ground along side a river; 4. an underwater ridge of land; 5. a financial institution which uses money deposited by customers for investment; 6. any institution which collects a product and stores for future use; 7. a row of similar objects; v. tr & intr. – 1. heap or rise into slopes; 2. insulate a house by piling seaweed, hay, earth, etc., around the outer wall; 3. tilt to one side while turning a curve; 4. deposit money or valuables in an institution; 4. act as a banker in a game