Homophones for balm, bomb, bombe

balm / bomb / bombe [bɒm]

balm – n. – 1. an aromatic ointment for anointing, soothing or healing; 2. a healing or soothing influence or consolation

bomb – n. – 1. a container with explosive, incendiary material, smoke or gas, etc., designed to explode on impact or by means of a time mechanism or remote control device; an ordinary object fitted with an explosive device. 2. an explosive weapon or situation; 3. N. Amer. informal – a bad failure; 4. an aerosol can or its contents; v. tr. – 1. to attack or drive out with explosive devices; 2. intr. to fail badly in

bombe – n. – a dome-shaped frozen dessert usually consisting of an outer layer of ice cream, filled with custard, cake crumbs or another type of ice cream