Homophones for
balk (baulk), bawk, bock

balk (baulk) / bawk / bock [bɔk]

balk – v. intr. – refuse to go on (often followed by “at”); 2. tr. – thwart, hinder, disappoint; n. – 1. a hindrance, a stumbling block; 2. a rafter or beam used for building; 3. a ridge left unploughed between furrows

bawk – n.  – 1. Cdn Nfld. – greater shearwater, any of a number of seabirds of the family Procellariidae, related to petrels especially Puffinus gravis, which habitually skim low over the open sea with wings outstretched; 2. skimmer; 3. any long-winged marine bird of the genus Rynchaps that feeds by skimming over water with its knifelike lower mandible immersed, a hagdown

bock – n. – a strong dark German beer