Homophones for bald, balled, bawled

bald / balled / bawled [bɒld]

bald – adj. – 1. (of a person) with the scalp wholly or partly lacking hair; 2. (of an animal, etc.) not covered by the usual hair, feathers, fur, etc.; 3. (of landscape) without trees; 4. with the surface worn away; 5. blunt, unelaborated, undistinguished, meagre; 6. (of a horse, eagle etc.) marked with white, esp. on the face

balled – simple past and past part. of ball, v. tr. – 1. squeeze or wind into a ball; 2. intr. (often followed by “up”) form or gather into a ball or balls; 3. tr. & intr. – N. Amer. coarse slang – to have sexual intercourse. 4. black balled – ostracized, excluded

bawled – simple past and past part. v. tr. – 1. speak or call out noisily; 2. intr. – weep loudly; 3. intr. – (of a cow or seal, etc.) cry out, wail