Homophones for bal, ball, baule, bawl

bal / ball / bawl / baule [bɒl]

bal – n. – 1. as an abbreviation for balance; 2. an acronym for the heavy metal antidote, dimercaprol – C3H8OS2 – used extensively for metal poisoning; 3. a mine, as in bal work

ball – n. – 1. a sphere esp. for use in a game; 2. any roughly spherical object resembling a ball – a rounded part of the body; 3. a game played with a ball; 4. a formal social gathering for dancing; 5. informal – an enjoyable time; v. tr. – 1. squeeze or wind into a ball; 2. intr. often followed by “up” – form or gather into a ball or balls

baule – n. – the theoretical amount of oxygen or the essential mineral constituent necessary to produce one half the maximum possible yield of a crop

bawl – v. tr. – 1. speak or call out noisily; 2. intr. – weep loudly; 3. intr. – (of a cow, seal, etc.) cry out, wail.



The last working bal maiden stopped her hammering at Geevor, in 1951, and the very last bal maiden to draw breath, was born in Camborne around the same time as my grandmother, and this woman died in Redruth in 1968…

~My Grandmother: the Bal Maiden (2021) – S.K. Tremayne


Circumferentially aligned fibers on the internal interface between the duct and hollow ball inhibited cells from migrating out of the interior, similar to a fish bottle trap.

~Nanofiber-Mâché Hollow Ball Mimicking the Three-Dimensional Structure of a Cyst (2021) – Wan-Ying Huang, Norichika Hashimoto, Ryuhei Kitai, Shin-ichiro Suye and Satoshi Fujita


Baule concept is useful to understand and assess the nutrient interactions and their responses in terms of productivity.

~Baule Units in Augmenting Analysis of Nutrient Interactions (2019) – V. Ranganathan


On a night they brought in cattle and calves to ship, there was very little sleep in store for the residence as they would bawl all night long.

~The Old Maynooth – Trenton Train (1981) – Isobel McAlpine –